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Camp projects & plans? Feb. 28th, 2012 @ 12:40 pm
Hello Medieval Campers!

So. Who's been busy this winter/summer (depending upon your hemisphere) working on camp projects? What new and spiffy items are you adding to your gear?

I painted my pavilion a couple of years ago (with unexpected assistance from the cat, have added an honest-to-goodness bed with headboard to my furniture collection (yes, I know the bear is neither period nor perioid but he keeps me company between the husband's weekend trips to Pennsic), and our camp built wooden benches with comfy cushions for our dining tent. We also built a shower with on-demand hot water heater which, while again not authentic to the SCA period, makes camping SO MUCH more pleasant. :)

As for this year's gear improvements, I would love to spruce up my silk banner. It is six years old and a pale, pale, PALE version of its glory days. Does anybody know if it's possible to redye a silk banner? I'd love to trace the gutta lines with new gutta and paint in the colored areas. Will that work or should I start from scratch?

Tentage question Jun. 22nd, 2011 @ 01:38 am
OK, so my darling husband and I had to sell our 10x10 wall tent several months ago...he's unemployed and we had to make the mortgage payment somehow.

Once he gets a job, we'll be looking for another canvas tent.  We're going to need something larger than a 10x10, as we have a queen-sized bed and a couple of trunks, which eats up the majority of the space in a 10x10.  I was also not terribly thrilled with the lack of headroom in it.  For 2 people who bring a lot of junk crap accoutrements when camping, what kind of tent (marquee, round pavilion, bell wedge, etc.,) would you recommend?  What price ranges are reasonable, and which manufacturer(s) do you recommend?

I would prefer to keep costs to below $1500.00, if only to avoid having a tent that cost more than  my husband's car.   :-)
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Nothing Going on for 2 Years???!!! Mar. 26th, 2011 @ 01:33 am
 How is everyone? Anyone made anything? I am on a box need myself, our olds ones have well met their end and I am going to work this weekend on getting a proto type done as to what I need and what we can make ourselves!


anyone need a tent? May. 11th, 2009 @ 06:17 pm
Our new tent is smaller than I thought it would be, so our brand new 10x12 Panther Trader tent is for sale, along with the set-up kit and super ground cloth (canvas ground cloth backed by blue tarp), in a brand new Rubbermaid tub, for $1100. It will have been used once at the time of sale (I need it for an event over Memorial Day weekend). I'll even deliver within 75-100 miles of Lawrence, MA.

I can accept credit cards if necessary.

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Projects a-go-go Mar. 9th, 2009 @ 02:32 pm
Spring is beginning to burst in the mid-Atlantic region and I've got all sorts of plans and ideas for sprucing up my pavilion and environs.

Firstly: pavilion paint job. I have an oval Four Seasons Tentmasters pavilion with 6' walls. I think I'll copy the roof paint job of the oval pavilion in my usericon on the roof of my tent and continue those straight lines down the sides. I hear that exterior housepaint is the best choice for this type of job. It should be diluted a bit, yes?

Secondly: clothing rack. Yes, yes my clothes should be in a chest and they have been in a chest at Pennsic and other local camping events for the past few years. But last year I got to borrow someone's clothes rack and, despite how wrong it feels, I'm going to make my own simple A-frame rack.

Thirdly: better/more appropriate cushions for chairs and stools.

What are your camp projects for this year?
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» Another six board chest
I knocked out another six board chest from scraps left over in making cabinets for my kitchen. Although it's plywood, it's very nice plywood, and no one will notice it's plywood (1 inch thick) once I paint the thing.

It's slooooooooow progress on the encampment front, but hey, progress is progress, right?

Next up -- a camp bed!
» Show me your pictures!
What has everyone been working on this summer? Did anyone see anything worth commenting about?

We can haz projects!
» bedouin tent question
If this community is still active, can anyone suggest resources for constructing a practical version of the traditional bedouin black tent?

Thanks very much,
» post event question
I am just back from Pennsic and would like to increase the medieval look and feel of my pavilion.

What do you in and around your pavilion?
» Mission Disguisable
I've just finished the pressing garb project I had going (to finish the chemise I've had lying on my sewing table for a week) and it's time to do some spiffing up. The problem is I can procrastinate very well. So, I'm going to try and use you all to keep focused.

I have a few camp type projects I need to get going on. I have all the materials, I think, and know how to do them. They are all perioide rather than period. I'm not quite ready for the big time, but I'm looking at these projects as learning tools and once I graduate to making my own pavilion, hiring a woodworker and such I'll donate these goods to someone else trying to get started.

Here is my list:
1) Cover, back and movable sides for modern sunshade frame - painted prettily
2) Covers for two of the sturdy style of Coleman chairs - painted Gothically
3) Pillows for the seats of said chairs or footrests or guest seating
4) Ground cloth for shade - painted, um...
5) Carrying bags for shopping at events

Future projects will be to come up with a non-wooden way to hide my cooler that wouldn't require removing the entire covering to open the thing, and a way to disguise my indispensable black plastic footlockers that hold all our stuff, stack nicely in the corner of the SCA room and pack well in the truck. Faux paint maybe for that last one?

Now, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to encourage and advise me or at least keep me honest. Please?
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